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On this video I'll be showing you how to breed steel blue lyretail killifish. Difficulty: Photo about Blue Lyretail Killi Fish killifish Fundulopanchax gardneri Aquarium fish fish. There are many subspecies of F. gardneri.This nigerianus variety of Killifish is normally found in water holes, streams, and marshes in Africa. Water Temperature Range: 23-26°C [2], Fundulopanchax gardneri was described as Fundulus gardneri in 1911 by George Albert Boulenger with the type locality given as Okwoga in the headwaters of Cross River, Nigeria. The blue lyretail (Fundulopanchax gardneri),[3] also known as steel-blue aphyosemion and Gardner's killi. Inhabits mainly in fresh and brackish waters of South and North America; from Argentina on the South to Ontario on the North. Average lifespan of Steel Blue Lyretails? Fundulus gardneri Boulenger, 1911; Haplochilus brucii Boulenger, 1911; Aphyosemion gardneri (Boulenger, 1911); Aphyosemion nigerianum (Clausen, 1963); Aphyosemion gardneri vanderveldei Radda, 1974; Aphyosemion gardneri lacustre Langton (ex Radda), 1974; Aphyosemion gardneri mamfense Radda, 1974; Aphyosemion gardneri obuduense Wright and Jeremy, 1974; Aphyosemion gardneri clauseni Scheel, 1975; Aphyosemion (… Froese, Rainer, and Daniel Pauly, eds. They come in a wide range of types of killifish with a wide range of physical characteristics, too, so you can choose from a huge number of fish with a lot of different colors and body types. 1  These species have bright vibrant colors and beautiful ​finnage but very short lifespan, as do many guppies. The colors are shown with wonderful fidelity to life. They are not annuals like many other Killifish species. They generally only live a year or two. STEEL BLUE LYRETAIL. The expected life span for Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri is 2-3 years. These fish can be kept in small aquariums as well as in the larger ones. The blue lyretail occurs in both savanna and forested regions. Short description. See more ideas about Aquarium fish, Tropical fish, Fish pet. Small brightly coloured non-annual Killifish from Cameroon and Nigeria. Females lack the flowing tail of the males as well as the bright colouring. Submerged eggs normally hatch in around 14-21 days depending on the temperature of the water. [1] They are apparently easy to maintain and breed although the males can be aggressive to other slower moving species.[12]. [4] They grow to a maximum total length of 6.5 centimetres (2.6 in).[2]. Killifish are egg-layers of Cyprinodontidae and distantly related to common livebearers such as platies and swordtails. 27139).Aquarium keeping: minimum aquarium size 60 cm (Ref. The Steel Blue Killi's natural habitat includes streams and ponds in rainforest areas and the savannah. DJMonty. Steel Blue Killifish The Blue Lyre tail can adapt to different water conditions but does prefer softer water. Use dark gravel. Many tropical fish keeping enthusiasts regard the Blue Gularis Killifish as one of the best known and most sought after of all killifishes. "Blue lyretail - Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri", "Order CYPRINODONTIFORMES: Families APLOCHEILIDAE and NOTHOBRANCHIIDAE", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Blue_lyretail&oldid=977491000, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, UNEP-WCMC Protected Areas Programme – Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, This page was last edited on 9 September 2020, at 04:41. Blue Lyretail, Steel Blue Killifish Additional scientific names Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri, Aphyosemion gardneri. The Pearl Spotted Killifish is a very rare Middle Eastern species that displays incredible iridescent blue coloration, especially in breeding males! The blue lyretail (Fundulopanchax gardneri), also known as steel-blue aphyosemion and Gardner's killi. Killifish Related to the more familiar livebearers, killifishes include remarkable species that have solved the problems of de Read More Related to the more familiar livebearers, killifishes include remarkable species that have solved the problems of desert living by spending periods of drought as dormant eggs. Jan 15, 2011. Killifish are some of the most beautiful, amazingly, brilliantly colored fish you can keep in an aquarium. Lifespan. The tank size you choose for your killies depends on their size and quantity. Scientific Name(s): Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri The Nothobranchius killifish prove to be interesting to fish hobbyists. A killifish is probably one of its own kind when it comes to accommodation. An easy first Killi with the advantage that as a non-annual it has a lifespan of up to three years. The Pearl Spotted Killifish ( Aphanius mento ), also known as the Iridescent Killifish or Toothcarp, is an extremely rare species that is native to the Middle East and has distinct populations in many Mediterranean countries. Water Hardness Range: 2-12 dGH, 115 user(s) are online (2 user(s) are browsing Caresheets), If you found this site useful then please help support it by using the. Tank Requirements: Tank should preferably have a dark substrate … Smaller species can be kept in nano and desktop tanks or in tanks with a water capacity as low as 2.5 gallons. Chris123. Like all fish, their lifespan is dictated by the temperature of the water. Blue Lyretail Killi Fish killifish Fundulopanchax gardneri Aquarium fish Steel-blue Aphyosemion, Gardneri Killifish (Aphyosemion gardneri, Fundulopanchax gardneri), swimming. HOW TO BREED KILLIFISH. They are long lived because they are not strictly an annual. How long do they live for, on average, in a tank? Egg collection, I'll also show you how i make a spawning mop. How long do they live for, on average, in a tank? Water pH Range: 6.0-7.5 The males are territorial. The male fish possess blue cross-shaped stripes on the tail and has more intense body colors than female. Other varietes of Fundulopanchax gardneri and other members of the Fundulopanchax genus - amieti, arnoldi, fallax, filamentosum, mireabelis, puerzli, robertsoni, rubrolabialis, sjoedstedti, walkeri. The Steel Blue Killifish - Duration: 24:56. The body length is short and they reach up to 2.75 inches. They are widely distributed in shallow waters of tropical and sub-tropical regions on every continent except Australasia. A minimum aquarium of 10 gallons (37.8 liters) is … Will breed readily in community or in a species tank. Killifish is a common name for 5 families of cyprinodontoids fish species. Short description. Caring for the Nothobranchius is not all that hard but they do require a little extra attention than the common Aphyosemion Killifish species. Killifish are among the aquarium fish with the shortest lifespan. Bottom spawner, 1 month incubation (Ref. Gardner who is honoured in the specific name. Photo about Blue Lyretail Killi Fish killifish Fundulopanchax gardneri Aquarium fish f. Image of color, male, albino - 76575474 Minimum Tank Volume: 45 litres The fish can b… The origin of the term is unclear, though it is supposed to develop from the Dutch word ‘kil’, which means a small stream. Community Fish Yes. Description. Lifespan 3 years. These are the white/blue fish with the red spots and blue eyes. Bettas are not far behind, averaging only about two years. It is a species of killifish from Nigeria and Cameroon. Even under optimal aquarium conditions, many killifish do not live very long – only 1.5 years on average. Breeding Egg scatterer, easy to breed. We have carefully and selected this Aquarium-Club.org breeder members for the quality of the killifish and eggs, with most important emphasis to their commitment to customer service.

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