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Take the test Below, I’ve given a simple description of each dimension, and some examples of words used to describe people who are either high or low on that dimension. How to describe your traveling experience by flight? The work of ‘tenses’ in English grammar. Prepositions and its use in the English language, Introduction to and appropriate use of adverbs, Tips to become an advanced English speaker, Importance of effective communication skills in accounting. Suppose you are at a career fair and as the word goes, you don’t get much time to sell yourself there.  How will you let the recruiter know that you are an excellent candidate. I like to seek out learning opportunities and I’m not afraid to fail and struggle as a part of learning. Then when you describe yourself, talk about the pieces of your background that they’ll be able to relate to, or that they’ll find relevant. I think I'm a bit strange because I'm kind of right in the middle of being an introvert and an extrovert. You need to be talking for over a minute, but no longer than two minutes. Using the perfect words to describe yourself in an interview can be tricky. Remember, research is the first step… so imagine they ask, “how would you describe yourself?”… and because you did your research… you know that the job requires a lot of teamwork and collaboration. I personally do NOT work well under pressure. Are you using preposition 'by' and 'to' interchangeably? In a one minute speech, aim to describe yourself and communicate three key points about your fit within a career, industry, or field. So in your answer, you’d want to say you’re collaborative, you enjoy working as part of a team, etc., and then give them an example of this. How do I create "Read more..."? How to communicate cost cutting measures to employees? What are words that confuse you known as? If you’re concerned that the job isn’t the right fit, don’t take the job. Feel free to print this sheet out for extra review. Etiquettes for an international call center. How to explain local rules and precautions? How to talk/write with finesse in a big company? This question is usually used as a setup question to probe deeper, since many potential hires will use a grand word to describe themselves, but will then struggle to give an example of how … How to talk to a lawyer to file an Income Tax return? How to convert your weak points into strengths? Lose, lost, loose and loss – Do you understand the difference? This may actually range from 45 to 60 seconds, depending on the size of the group and its rules. Get 1:1 help now from expert Operations Management tutors How did you decide on a subject for higher studies? Do you know the difference between "Say", "Tell" and "Speak”? And stay focused on telling a clear, concise story when you describe yourself. Assignments and tasks based on a well-researched content developed by subject matter and industry experts can certainly fetch the most desired results for improving spoken English skills. If they ask for one single word to describe yourself, you may want to keep it even shorter than that. This is how to describe yourself while being honest but also making sure your interview answer will get them excited to hire you. How to describe an interview to your friend? Interviews can be tricky especially if you are a non-native English speaker. How to Talk to Your Boss to Change Your Department? Answers should be under a minute. 60-Day Interview Guarantee (831) … How to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication? How to file a police complaint for a loss of car, purse, and passport? How to talk about a teacher you like very much? By Alison Green , Contributor April 30, 2012 By Alison Green , Contributor April 30, 2012, at 8:33 a.m. How to Make a Fluent First Impression in English? Her answer took about 3 minutes to say. How to write a letter to your landlord about various issues at the house? The first mistake to avoid is: Don’t ramble on or be too long-winded in your answer. You never want to describe yourself as shy, unconfident, stressed, anxious, etc. How to give a performance appraisal feedback? How to improve English Pronunciation and English Speaking? How to avoid sounding rude while speaking English? How to write the best elevator pitch for networking and interviews, How to follow up by email after your interview, An example of you using this to help a past employer or succeed in a past project. Therefor, you should introduce yourself like someone who needs one, and wants one. 40 Cute and Funny ‘About Me’ Quotes and Sayings to Love Yourself. How To Speak About Your Strengths In 1 Minute? First of all think about What I Want To Hear If I Ask You To Tell Me About Yourself? Describe to yourself what is happening. How to motivate students to perform better? Why Online Tutoring is Easy and Beneficial? Scroll down to read crisp sample answers to this open-ended question ‘describe who you are’. Points to remember while avoiding nosy people – Part one, Common English Mistakes to Avoid In a Job Application. Talking about life events - Summer vacations. I explain why I have an undergraduate degree in computer systems and a masters degree in a completely different area of organizational and interpersonal communication . The art of handling unhappy customers on a call, 10 Mistakes to avoid as a retail sales representative. When you’re describing yourself in a meetup or networking event, the steps we looked at to begin this article are still good steps to follow. If you follow the four basic steps at the beginning of this article, you’ll be able to describe yourself confidently to anyone you meet in a professional setting, whether it’s a job interview or not. How to ask the right questions: Developing a vital life skill, How to politely refuse additional work responsibilities, Top grammar mistakes to avoid in spoken English, Top mistakes during telephonic interviews and how to avoid them, Popular Brand Names You’ve Been Mispronouncing All This Time, Common English Grammar Mistakes: Usage of Among vs Between, How to use right filler words or 'gap words' in English conversation, How to use English words– Remember, Remind and Memorise, English words that can replace “Very”, Understanding usage of confusing English words "Ago" & "Before", How to make your point effectively in a meeting. Here, I'll concentrate on the content for a one-minute (60-second) self-introduction. How to Talk About Food you Like/ Dislike? You can mention potential connections such as individuals in the same department, similar backgrounds and alumni. How to handle an irate customer in a service industry? How to build a rapport with your patient? I was born and raised in China, and I went to Canada when I was 16 years old. With this lesson… You get the important English phrases. The trap is: They’re trying to see if you can tell a clear story without getting sidetracked and distracted. Feel free to print this sheet out for extra review. Expert Answer . Try to focus on the qualifications mentioned in the job description and state how you are the ideal candidate, but subtly. How to Speak About your Weakness in 1 Minute? I've changed the details. How to explain your job profile, technologies you have worked and skill set? Describing Yourself in 2 Minutes: The Elevator Pitch 1) Prepare. And, in some ways, it is. How to ask an air hostess about cabin luggage compartment? How to report your stolen debit/ credit card to the police & bank? If you ramble on for too long, they’ll take it as a sign you can’t keep a clear train of thought and are difficult to communicate with. Try to focus on the qualifications mentioned in the job description and state how you are the ideal candidate, but subtly.Example introductionHi, I am Sachin Arora. How to talk about a trending personality online? But keep one thing in mind: You only have room to bring up 2-5 points about yourself, so the pressure is on for you to make sure that they’re as interesting as possible.  Introduce yourself. How to explain IT product advantages in simple words to a customer? How to explain issues in a project functionalities? Common ‘Singular-Plural’ Mistakes – Part I. How to Learn English by Speaking at Home? Know the Eight Principles - Part II, Want to Improve Your Listening Skills? eAgeTutor.com is the premier online tutoring provider. I'm not kidding. How to Introduce Yourself Professionally in 1 Minute? Avoid generic words! Topic Vocabulary >> Lesson 12: Personality. Interview questions like "describe yourself in one word" challenge that ability. When the interviewer asks you to describe yourself, you should always be naming positive traits and things that make you attractive to the employer. How to recommend your friend on places to visit in the city? Do you know these English Travel Idioms? 11 Final Interview Questions to Prepare For, How to Answer “Are You a Leader or Follower?” (Interview Question), Answers to “What Do You Like Least About Your Job?”. Words such as "tenacious," "dedicated" or "loyal" describe traits that will benefit you in the long run, especially if you're interviewing for a job within the same company. Quotabulary gives you some really cute 'about me' sayings. Difference between ourselves, yourselves and themselves, Ensuring correct usage of Comparatives and Superlatives, Learn the correct usage of adjectives and adverbs, Foreign phrases commonly used in spoken English. How to ask help from the security guard at the ATM? This exercise will help you face the interview question “Tell me about yourself” confidently. How to explain product features to a customer? And that can cost you the job even if they like the actual word(s) you chose to describe yourself. This is a question where they’ll want you to explain your answer. English Phrases to Express Shock and Sympathy, Especially vs. Let’s go. How to apologize in a business environment? Introducing yourself in a presentation is more than just saying your name. It is important to keep a list of your strengths handy in order to impress an employer in just a minute. Learn English slang to improve your spoken fluency, The art of using ‘verbs’ in the right manner, Introduction and appropriate use of adjectives. How to ask for a lift in case of car breakdown? Do I have a problem? How to ask for help from other school teachers? – Part one, Do you know these English Travel Idioms? How to describe the store layout of your outlet? The key is to think about what they’ll view as most relevant. How to navigate and buy essentials in a supermarket in a foreign country? How to start teaching English to a beginner’s level? How to read a newspaper article to improve your English? How to order food in English like a local? How to Improve Your English Writing Skills – II, How to Improve Your English Writing Skills, Memory Techniques for Learning English - II. You will learn this in 2 to 3 minutes. So keep this in mind in your next interview. The last thing you want is to blow this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it’s important you properly... 2) Give a Few Details. Try to keep your answer to around 60-90 seconds. To master the art of introduction, you can join our online spoken English class and learn the skills to pass any interview with flying colors. Give 1-2 solid examples of your experience that relates directly to that organization or position. How to express your happiness while receiving a certificate? I'm from the US and the question is, how would you describe your personality. Family run? Do you know the difference between see, look and watch? 1) Hello, It’s nice to meet you. Outline of two peoples' heads. How to politely accept or decline an appointment request? Tailor Your Answer to the Role and Company. Practise answering simple questions about yourself. Focus on job-positive personality traits such as confidence, professionalism, enthusiasm, team playing and quick learning, but also remain humble – don’t brag. How to improve your grammar and comprehension for Entrance exams? Hence, I have decided to start looking for new opportunities. Time yourself. How to Talk About a Book you’ve Read Recently? Sure, it’s more than they asked, but it’ll impress them. My MySQL database does not support UTF-8. How to conduct an HR interview effectively? This saved our clients money and saved my Manager time.”. Do not talk about expensive hobbies, such as playing tennis, going to dancing classes, traveling around the country. How to describe the project you are handling or have handled? Six Phrases That You are Saying Incorrectly, English Idioms Used in the Corporate World, English Phrases to Make Your Travel Smooth. Describe yourself in 1 minute. How to raise a query to the technical team in fluent English? Why English is Considered an International Language? If you’re not sure whether your answer is getting too long, you can stop and ask for feedback! Interview question for Stage E&C.- Describe yourself in one minute - Describe one your passion in one minute - Imagine how a futuristic Smart City could be. It's sad but true. This should be obvious, but I want to make sure you know to never mention negatives when answering this interview question. How to Get the Speed of the Words Right while Speaking? Read the following IELTS-style questions and answers below and pay attention to the phrases in bold.Use the ‘Definitions’ section at the bottom of the page to check the meaning of any phrases you don’t understand. How to alert your boss about a worrying financial trend like increase in expense? Here’s how you introduce yourself in English. How to explain to a customer some confusion in the bill? Importance of English for IT professionals. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives- Do you know enough? – Conversation examples. All rights reserved. How to invite people for a Christmas party? Common mistakes in tenses: When to use had, have and has? How to Ask your Boss for Help in your Work? Let’s hope you don’t find yourself in this situation, but just in case, you should be equipped with an elevator pitch, especially if you haven’t been to an interview for awhile. How to Give Directions to Reach your Doctor’s Clinic? What are different types of Reports in English? It might seem like an easy win—after all, you know all about yourself!—but responding to this invitation to talk about you in the context of a job interview can feel stressful and complicated. Why is Daily Practice Important to Learn a New Language? At least not if you want to get hired! Overall, if you follow the tips above you should pass this question easily and move on to the rest of the interview. I am a creative content writer with five years of experience in managing all aspects of the content department – from ideation to implementation to publishing – for big corporate companies. A lot of interviewers will ask you to describe yourself as one of the first questions in your interview. How to convert a window-shopper to a real customer? Learn how to sell yourself effectively and set the tone for the rest of the interview. Join career expert and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for today's video on how to describe yourself in one sentence! How to improve English with funny idioms? Tips to improve communication skills with pop culture knowledge, Commonly Used British and American Slang Words. How to lodge a complaint for deficiency in service at a complaint center? People stop listening after 30 seconds. One-minute interview preparation Suppose you are at a career fair and as the word goes, you don’t get much time to sell yourself there. Know your audience (through research) The first step in how to describe yourself is to know your audience! How to discuss about appraisals with your manager? If the job seems to be very fast-paced, you could talk about someone who is highly-organized, works well under pressure, and has succeeded in fast-paced environments in the past. Do you know what is the study of speech sound known as? : Do you know the difference? How to write compelling emails in English? 5 Weird English Words You Won’t Believe Exist! Even though it’s one of the most common interview questions, “it almost always stumps them,” Merrill says. Passionate. 2 minutes gives you time to explain what you do with a case study, it enables you to build rapport by showing more of yourself and it gives an opportunity to promote a current product, service or special offer. Learning Simple Present Tense with examples, Top 5 Tips to Learn To Speak English Fluently. Contact us today to know more about our spoken English program and experience the exciting world of e learning.-By Shailja VarmaRelated topics:1. How to talk on phone with a foreign client?2. How to talk to your boss for the first time?3. How to give a performance appraisal feedback?4. How to help in pronunciation in an online class?5. How to disagree politely? Eight steps to crafting the perfect elevator pitch. How to give medicine instructions to a patient? ... make it up to 1 minute top. Your vocab guide to eating and shopping in an airplane. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vocabulary related to describing food – Part one, 4 conversation starters/ ice breaking statements, Learn the correct usage of commonly misused words – Part one, Positive phrases for encouraging someone – part one, Learn quick ways to express your emotions through interjections, Learn idioms that are used to describe people, Vocabulary for talking about relationships, Learn the correct usage of commonly misused words, Phrases to be used to say someone is right, Holiday idioms you must know – Part one, Points to remember while avoiding nosy people. The Critical Role of Vocabulary to Learn Fluent English, Conversation with a Fellow English Learner. Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg. Write about what makes you, you. The right way of discussing sensitive topics. How to use the definite article “the” appropriately? 5 Benefits of learning English for a Tour Guide. Then we’ll also look at how to describe yourself in a more casual setting, like a networking event or meetup. Use our list of words to describe yourself in 5, or even 3 words. Need some really funny quotes and sayings to describe yourself, or may be some cool statuses to flaunt on your social networking profiles? How did you Choose the College you Studied In? (Talking for too long after each answer will frustrate the interviewer FAST and is a common mistake that can cause people to fail interviews). How to explain your product to a customer? As soon as my Manager became available, I told him I had already found a solution. How to politely refuse an advance or loan request from an employee?

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