how to export insightiq datastore

Yours is a very common ask. Maintain Legacy Exports With the upgrade to 4.1, any datastore exports created on the older version of InsightIQ are no longer compatible. I "re-sell" storage to my internal customers who would like to be able to look at trending information in FSA to help with storage budgets. In use, you might setup one of these user quotas per project team, for example. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Select NFS as the type of datastore Provide the SmartConnect Zone name as the Server, and the NFS Export as the Folder Select all hosts in the cluster to ensure they all have the datastore mounted (this will ensure they see the same name) While Isilon product management and engineering teams are developing roadmap and solutions to a full-fledged charge-back feature, in the interim, OneFS and InsightIQ can get you what you need today in terms of quota reporting & quota usage trending. Note Do not apply a quota to the InsightIQ data store through the SmartQuotas module. Note: The directory specified in the filter rule "TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx" -- this directory exists on the cluster as "/ifs/TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx". We are having issues with the insightIQ tool for access GUI after that we have a expansive activitiy about local datastore. Is quota related information exported from IIQ as well ? It can be used with any version of OneFS beginning with 7.x. Thanks Katie, would you happen to know if those reports can be sent via email automatically? On the node that is running your InsightIQ instance: $ iiq_data_export fsa list --reports , Available Reports for: Time Zone: PDT, ID  FSA Job Start          FSA Job End            Size, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------, 765  Sep 30 2015, 10:00 PM  Oct 01 2015, 11:28 PM  3.500G, $ iiq_data_export fsa export --data-module directories --cluster --report 765 --filter-rule directory:TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx, Successfully exported data to: directories__765_1443800888.csv, $ cat directories__765_1443800888.csv, path[directory:/ifs/TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx/],dir_cnt (count),file_cnt (count),ads_cnt,other_cnt (count),log_size_sum (bytes),phys_size_sum (bytes),log_size_sum_overflow,report_date: 1443675617, TEST/MY/products/xxxx/vxx/test,1,0,0,0,0,2048,0. Going forward, we urge customers to use the Isilon API (old name "Platform API") to query for performance metrics from the cluster itself, instead of trying to mine the datastore in InsightIQ. Add the monitored clusters to the new InsightIQ instance. As a result, some large, long-running import process can time out. The FSA data stays on the cluster and is pulled by InsightIQ as specific reports are needed. I was able to get all the information I needed.. REPORT_ID=$(iiq_data_export fsa list --report MYISILON | grep "${DATEREF}" | awk '{print $1}'), iiq_data_export fsa export --data-module directories --cluster isi-01 --report ${REPORT_ID} --filter-rule ${DIRECTORY}. Execute the following command to make a directory for your datastore: # mkdir /ifs/insightiq 3. This configuration allows InsightIQ to mount the server and create the … If prompted to declare the repository ID and continue with the import, select Yes. The switch was to resolve a bug where importing large exports would time out. We try to capture each customer's proposed use case and engineer a solution that fits most. InsightIQ 3.2.1 enables you to specify which statistics you want to collect, so you have more room on your hard drive for videogames. The tar.gz compression format cannot be indexed to speed up the importing process. Datastore name: The system enforces a 42 character limit for the datastore name. This page describes how to export and import Firestore in Datastore mode entities using the managed export and import service. Select how InsightIQ will be installed, either through the offline or online method, and then press Enter. So anything owned by user “rchang” under /ifs/home and its subdirectories get counted towards rchang’s quota. I'm covering InsightIQ technicals in this new role. But InsightIQ 3.2.1 doesn’t play by the rules. So trying to mine IIQ data is only going to be short-lived. Yes, you can change easily from local datastore to a NFS export. Thoughts ? 1. If that default NFS export has been modified or deleted, create NFS export rule that allows write access for InsightIQ. You may see this prompt multiple times, click Yes each time. i started using IIQ version 3.0.1 and after i upgraded to to be exact. 2. Re-start InsightIQ on the new VM. You would need to stop insightIQ services, copy over the datastore to isilon, start the insightIQ services again and finally point InsightIQ to use the new datastore on isilon. 7. InsightIQ will be installed using yum mirrors. You can use similar steps to just copy the datastore from a local source to a NFS source. This configuration allows InsightIQ to mount the server and create the … If one wants to use a hard quota limit for an InsightIQ datastore, one “just” needs to make sure that at any time there is enough capacity available on the Isilon ;) Cheers — Peter Re: Isilon-Users Re: InsightIQ 4.1.1-increase capacity on local datastore: Shan: 3/22/17 2:55 AM: Hello Everyone, Thanks for your response. I assume the same procedure works for InsightIQ. In the screenshot below, from the same quota reporting page, I’m selecting a particular report, and then highlighting a row that indicates a “user quota”. Call in to EMC Isilon Support at 1-800-782-4362 (For a complete local country dial list, please see this document: iiq_data_export fsa list --reports , https://support.emc.com/servicecenter/createSR, http://www.emc.com/collateral/contact-us/h4165-csc-phonelist-ho.pdf. When moving a datastore from one Isilon to another the best way is to use insightIQ. I checked the iiq_data_export output with my own IIQ instance and it looked normal. You can use IPv6 or IPv4 formats. Could you elaborate a bit on the intended use case? If InsightIQ is unable to delete data from the datastore, and the datastore continues to grow, InsightIQ will stop monitoring clusters when the InsightIQ datastore becomes 98% full. Thanks! Is there a way to export this data into a CSV? InsightIQ begins deleting older data from the datastore when the datastore becomes 92% full. Also, 3.2.1 doesn't work quite right, so make sure you're on 3.2.2. i guess i will be staying on 3.1.1 unless 3.2.2 will allow me to get the data i wanted automatically.. – Option 1 – Offline. Hi All, Can anyone here please share some script or assist me in modifying the PowerCLI to display the VMFS datastore name, capacity and NAA.ID and the I have a newly installed InsightIQ 4.1.1 (latest version as of now). Also, you can check out our InsightIQ - Isilon Info Hub for more information! Our current ESXI and Isilon Setup uses statically mounted datastores. Procedure 1. Going forward, we urge customers to use the Isilon API (old name "Platform API") to query for performance metrics from the cluster itself, instead of trying to mine the datastore in InsightIQ. Configure the old NFS datastore on the new instance. Log in to your online account on support.emc.com and go to this page: 2.

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