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Although half in surprise and half in misunderstanding, this puzzle became the most memorable moment for our adventurers, so we were happy with the results. Lastly, there’s a new function to help you become an even more powerful adventurer! We always felt the secret quests lacked individual participation because adventurers could complete them blindly by following the guides made by those who finished it. Materials to craft these Crystals can be obtained from various Monster Zones of O’dyllita. The total spaces to move will be decided by the sum of the dots shown on the 2 top surfaces of the dice. Thoughts? Please read the details below and sign-up now! The FINISH square, or 3. If you do not fulfill the early graduation requirements, you can’t use the “Honorable Adventurer's Certificate” item to become a regular character, so make sure to complete the Season/Black Spirit Pass Challenges and receive all the rewards before trying to graduate! The fangs and their hints were a very controversial issue as well. You will need to visit a Blacksmith to use it. You do not have to use your Arcana right away! Some adventurers may say “Why do you keep having this event when it causes so much trouble?” That’s what we also thought last year when it ended that way. Thus, we’ve prepared this bit for you! #4. Rewards for round completions of the all new Black Spirit's Adventure are as follows: Reward for completing Black Spirit's Adventure, Reward for completing Black Spirit's special board, Additional rewards for completing Black Spirit's Adventure. Between the start (A) and the end (Ω), we filled in the gap with what ended up as a web coupon code. Adventurers who wish to take their time with the Autumn Season don’t need to graduate early. ※ There are no rewards for additional completions of Black Spirit's special boards. Options. Let us delve into the details below. Manos Diamond Necklace. Once inoculated, the panels provide a safe and easy-to-handle closed system. This is the time to really test your luck and leave your faith to chance. From Steam client: Go to In-game menu > Click "Redeem". Attendance rewards can be claimed once per family during the event period. Next is Olun's Valley. Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1. It’s the 18th sign out of 88 constellations officially approved by the International Astronomical Union. Depending on the special dice, you can either aim to complete a round or for a special item on a certain square. Anyhow, adventurers put together various clues and arrived at the Stonetail Horse Ranch quite easily. Global adventurers were keen enough to notice them, but rumors say Soju is recognized as a fancy drink in some countries. These three are the new gatherable items in O’dyllita. So at this point was when we threw in an entirely different concept altogether. Last year’s quest was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” depicting the love between the Princess of Balenos and the Prince of Calpheon, and the fall of the Balenos empire. After a couple of hours, we had a winner and this year’s Mysteries of Summer event came to an end. Do note that only one of these Arcana can be used to get to the FINISH square per each round. You have to be quite skilled to mine rough blue crystal. We made the words into an anagram, then organized them in order of when Black Desert was released in each country. There is a 100% success chance so do not worry.Now add your crystal like you would with any normal crystal by speaking to your Black Spirit and selecting “Transfusion”. BDO Canada LLP : 500 20 Wellington E : Toronto : 226-217-2363 : Beacon Environmental : 80 Main Street North : Markham : 905-201-7622 : Beacon Utility Contractors Limited : 270 Rodinea Rd. But when we think of adventurers around the world bringing their heads together, passionately trying to solve the riddles, this thought simply goes away. The board has a start and finish square. In 2018, we tried to figure out what kind of event we could make with the motto: “let’s create a special event that you can only experience in Black Desert Online.” And with Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” igniting the hearts of countless gamers and fans in the spring of that year, we also decided to take the time to watch it as a group. Once you’re ready, accept the graduation quest from the Fughar. As for this item...it almost “magically” changes a Tuvala gear to Boss gear!! White Grade 2. 18/88 alludes to the Cassiopeia constellation that looks very much alike to the elephant. Don’t worry about missing out if you want to graduate early. We are! Although we tried our best to make the competition as fair as possible, we were afraid that someone might get through the prologue in only a few minutes after the event began. Rewards will be claimable directly from the Monthly Loyalty button located at the top right corner of the Pearl Shop (F3) window. Do remember that the goal of defeating Olun's Statue is to survive with your party members through coordination and concentration. For the Combined Magic Crystals, you can get the 2-set effect when you have 2 slotted and the 4-set effect with 4 slotted (but not the 2-set effect). Black Spirit Crystal Guide[Free 7mil crystal] PreRequisites :- [These preReq quest might not be needed, some have it available post 45] Completion of Fearful Summon Witch Scroll which black spirit gives after hex sanctuary kill quest. Preparations: Collect 10 Malicious Soulstones from doing Greater Dungeons. Truth be told, the 16th quest was one devised right after Season 2 had finished last year. As shown on the map, there are four Monster Zones here. From shop brightenuup. Using these special dice at the appropriate time will help you to move as far as you desire. Thus, that is how Black Desert Online’s Mysteries of Summer, an event which sometimes brought together adventurers worldwide in cooperation and other times in thrilling competition, was born. The Turos, these large bovine creatures, have immense endurance and boast powerful strength, but they like to keep apart from each other, so don’t worry about fighting many at the same time. The crystal turned translucent due to prolonged exposure to starlight. Enter the code below on your account page and receive: O'draxxia Storage +1 Expansion Coupon x2, [Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1, and Advice of Valks (+30) x1! LIVE BEAUTIFULLY WITH KARASTAN CARPETS. Mazriel. Oh, and one last thing, the quest items also contain an easter egg for a new region. *[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll must be used from your inventory within 14 days of receiving it in your Inventory. If you fail, you will be returned to the start square. There were many adventurers who handed over Horse Race Seals, but it was difficult to move onto the next stage as we made it so that 100 adventurers needed to gather together for the flower to bloom. Every Saturday and Sunday, if you play for over one hour you can make up for a missed attendance reward. O'dyllita finally arrives next week so stay tuned while you enjoy the beautiful sounds of the new expansion coming soon! You will see the number of successful rounds completed on the left-hand side of the board.

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