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[216], On the 10–11 December, an explosively deepening storm affected Iceland, where the meteorological office declared its first red warning for parts of the country. The system continued to intensify, ultimately becoming the easternmost Category 5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm will start to form in the North Sea, between the United Kingdom and Denmark, late on Monday and Monday night, before diving southward across central Europe. If a storm forms in the off-season, it will take the next name in the list based on the current calendar date. [118] The yellow warnings for counties Galway and Mayo were further upgraded to orange warnings at 20:00 local time that day, around an hour before the storm made its closest and most intense approach to Ireland. Danni e disagi in Liguria. Also, some of these storms may be of tropical origins. UEFA.com ist die offizielle Website der UEFA, der Union der Europäischen Fußballverbände, dem Dachverband des Fußballs in Europa. The same day, AEMET issued wind warnings for Spain relating to Storm Elsa with forecasted maximum wind speeds of 100 to 120 km/h (62 to 75 mph). Advertisement Documents from the Met Office, released under the Freedom of Information Act in March 2016, outline the internal procedures that are undertaken. [28] The subsequent (and final) advisory stated that Lorenzo had become a post-tropical cyclone,[12] which was subsequently named Storm Lorenzo by Met Éireann[11] as they issued a yellow warning of wind for the entirety of Ireland, as well as an orange warning for the western coastal counties. For the Southeast Europe region, another Greek-Italian group for storm names exists, and Germany is a complete lone wolf. Es sieht vor allem Verschärfungen für den Nichtfinanzsektor vor. [189], Inès was named by the French meteorological agency, Météo-France, on 12 February 2020. Vince 21. How do storms get their names? Unser Team arbeitet unermüdlich daran, die kommenden Schritte festzuzurren, aber leider brauchen wir dafür noch ein paar Tage. [19] In the 12 hours that followed Storm Hervé being named, it moved into the Bay of Biscay and rapidly deepened from 1,012 mbar (29.9 inHg) to its initial peak intensity of 996 mbar (29.4 inHg). Dennis 5. [123] The highest wind gust recorded during the storm was 168 km/h (104 mph), which was reached at Cerler-Cogulla in Huesca, Spain. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is less than 100 days away, and it's never too early to start preparing. [52][53] After crossing Poland on 5 November as a weak frontal boundary,[54] Amélie stalled over the Baltic states on 6 November,[55] before being absorbed by an approaching warm front over Estonia on 9 November. This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 00:24. The centre of Storm Atiyah passed just to the north of Scotland on 8 December at its peak intensity of 956 mbar (28.2 inHg). For the UK, this year's storm names … [27], Storm Aiden was named by Met Éireann senior executive Aidan McLaughlin on 30 October 2020. As Atiyah moved eastwards away from Scotland into the Norwegian Sea, a strong pressure gradient existed between the centre of the storm and an area of high pressure centred over the Alps which brought high winds to the Netherlands on 8 and 9 December, with gusts of around 90 to 100 km/h (56 to 62 mph) and heavy showers sweeping across the country. [79] Around this time, Sebastien absorbed the remnants of Storm Cecilia to its south-east. Météo-France observed local strong winds over land (88 mph (142 km/h) in Granville, 82 mph (132 km/h) in Sarzeau, 81 mph (131 km/h) in Vannes, 80 mph (129 km/h) in Cholet). Winter storm names don't. In 2015, the Met Office and Met Éireann announced a pilot project to name storm warnings as part of the "Name our Storms" project for wind storms and asked the public for suggestions. It is not foreseeable which letter will be the last in 2020. [24] Met Eireann issued Status Red wind warnings for County Galway and County Clare and Status Orange wind warnings for the remainder of the country,[195] while in the United Kingdom the Met Office issued yellow wind warnings for all of Wales and Northern Ireland, most of England and parts of Scotland before it even hit Iceland. Warnings have been issued, more information here bit.ly/317QxgT stay #WeatherAware", "Storm in central Europe kills 3, disrupts travel and power", "A rare hurricane-like storm in the Mediterranean threatens Egypt and Israel", "Red Weather Alert for Northwest Iceland", "Iceland blizzard brings 149 mph (240 km/h) winds, up to 300 cm (10 ft) of accumulating mountain snow", "Kranführer während Sturm getötet - DER SPIEGEL - Panorama", "Seniorin aus Wadern: Sturm im Saarland fordert ein Todesopfer", "Myriam : nouvelle tempête sur la France dans un défilé de perturbations", "Randtief Arne(D) oder Amélie(F) über Nordfrankreich bringt Sonntagnachmittag und -abend auch der Alpennordseite vorübergehend stürmischen Westwind! Myöhemmin illalla ja huomenna on maa-alueilla odotettavissa myrskypuuskia. Whilst the strongest of the winds look likely to affect parts of Ireland, some very strong winds are expected across western areas of the UK. Brendan 3. [1][2] The Portuguese, Spanish and French meteorological agencies again collaborated too, joined by the Belgian meteorological agency. After initially pushing Elsa along ahead of itself, Fabien subsequently accelerated to the south of Elsa and reached its peak intensity of 963 mbar (28.4 inHg)[128] while approaching landfall in South West England on 21 December. The agency expects gusting of 80 to 97 km/h (50 to 60 mph) across the country, with the possibility of gusts up to 130 km/h (80 mph) along the coastal regions. Strong wind gusts and flooding led to two deaths in Austria,[174] and another person died in the Czech Republic as a result of Hervé. Liam 13. [3], Storm Alex, named by AEMET and Météo-France on 30 September, formed near Brittany on 1 October after undergoing explosive cyclogenesis. 2020 hurricane season forecast. [16] Many of the fatalities were caused by the ensuing landslides. [30][31][32], Over 8,000 homes and businesses were left without power as the storm battered the country with severe gusts of up to 81 mph (130 km/h) at Malin Head, Ireland,[33] which led to fallen trees and flooding. For only the second time. [221], On 27 February Bianca (FUB) affected France, Switzerland and Germany. Päivö (Fi), Ulrika (FUB), 30 June–1 July 2020. [90] The following day, as the low continued to develop and move eastwards across the far north Atlantic, Met Éireann named the system Atiyah and issued orange wind warnings for the western counties of Ireland and yellow warnings for the remainder of the country. [94][95][96] The highest recorded wind gust in the United Kingdom was on The Needles Old Battery, at 83 mph (134 km/h). The KMI from Belgium issued an orange warning for summerstorm Francis. [205][206] On 20 August, Ellen absorbed the remnants of Tropical Storm Kyle. The storm dropped to a pressure of 949 mbar (28.0 inHg), bringing strong winds and blizzard conditions, causing a complete halt to transportation and power loss to 20,000. [83] Sebastien maintained this intensity for around two days as it crossed Ireland and the United Kingdom and entered the North Sea, before slowly weakening as it made landfall in Denmark on 29 November. Warnings have been issued, more information here bit.ly/317QxgT. [138] Along its path, damage from Storm Fabien totalled £95 million (€100 million). [153] This provided conditions for the low to develop and intensify as it moved eastwards across the United States before exiting into the north Atlantic on 13 January. In the list above, you can see the storm names that'll be used this year. Kühles Tiefdruckwetter auch die nächsten 10 Tage in der Schweiz: kein #Schönwettertag in Sicht", "Thema des Tages – Eine Tiefdruckserie, die es in sich hat", "#StormAtiyah has been named by @MetEireann", "Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera", "#Met Eireann have named a storm which will affect the UK on Monday. Atiyah 2. ... Mon Nov 30 2020: Location: Lat: 10.6 S Long: 88.8 E: Pressure: 29.71 inches (1006 mb) Movement: ... 2020 Storm List and Names. :Naming tropical cyclones dates back to the 1800s. [196], Storm Leon was named by MétéoFrance on 1 March to affect the country later the same day. [31] On 4 October, while the storm was passing across Ireland, new weather warnings were issued for the counties of Clare, Galway, Longford, Mayo, Roscommon and Westmeath. The agency warned for seas up to 5 m (16 ft) high and snow from 1,000 m (3,300 ft). Gerda 8. The meteorological offices produced a full list of names for 2015–16 through to 2017–18, common to both the United Kingdom and Ireland, with the Netherlands taking part from 2019 onwards. Atlantic hurricane season soon at its official end, but a new Subtropical storm Kappa could form near the Azores by Monday. Severe warnings have been issued across parts of northern Europe as Storm Ciara sweeps across the continent. Hurricane names are chosen by the World Meteorological Organization. What was the ‘Name our Storms’ project, has helped raise awareness of the potential impacts of severe weather in Britain and Ireland also NW Europe before they hit for several years now. This naming scheme is partially overlapping with that used by the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands, as storms named by the other group of agencies will be used reciprocally. [12] The next named system was Amélie, named by Météo-France on 1 November. Every six years, the lists of names repeat (not including the names of particularly destructive storms, which are retired). Wir begrüßen diese Entscheidung natürlich als verständliche und wichtige Sicherheitsmaßnahme für die Bevölkerung und wir setzen alles daran euch jederzeit auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

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