how to cook a whole hog

Let the hog sit for 1 hour to soak up all the injection. 3. A whole hog can be quite large and therefore requires special equipment and skills to pull off. This cooker is used only to get the coals ready to place under the hog. This takes a total of 32 blocks. For any other eating time apply a suitable forward or backward shift operator.) The temperature should be at … Your cooking time is going to vary … If you have no Paul Bunyan around, use item 11 in the equipment list. Load them all along the bottom of the pit with more coals on the ends under the hams and the shoulders so the hog will cook evenly. Now you are ready to start pulling the meat. It describes from start to finish how to roast a pig in an air tight underground pit! I walk you through how we cooked our first whole hog on a concrete block roaster / … The reason for the bosses being up front is because they will be there anyway. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. The plan is to cook the hog for about 10 hours. Once the pig is cooked remove it from the fire and let it sit for about an hour, wrapped up tightly. You should start by cutting or breaking the pig up into large pieces about 5 to 10 pounds each. The rate at which coals are applied comes, I suppose, from experience. The hog will go on top of this grate. Season it as you cook. Depending on how industrious you feel, you could buy some plans or you could rig one up. Over this sheet iron place a small tarp that covers the pit. Now you're ready to build a fire. I think that’s cheatin’ and should be done by using the small coal shovel to spread the coals away from the small fires. 4. Tell them fine, they don’t have to eat any of it tomorrow. Then you need to cover him. Then replenish the charcoals you took out of the charcoal cooker and head for the beer cooler. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Make up a good mop and baste the hog about every hour or so. In fact, don’t cut the skin in any way, or poke any holes in the skin. We suggest one pound of dressed hog per person. Utility stapler and plenty of staples. If using charcoal briquettes, … This is essentially our cooking oven. After the first time, simply spread the hot charcoal out so that when the charcoal gets hot, it is about time to put more coals under the hawg. Cooking a whole hog Cajun-style follows the same type of process, but uses a different mix of spices to flavor the pork. 2. Hammer. Cover him first with one piece of sheet iron that: DOES NOT TOUCH THE HOG ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE FEET AND EARS. A pig roast is like a big party where you get to be part Boy Scout, part caveman. (like the aorta) that the hawg will no longer need. Make sure not to poke any holes in the foil while moving the pig. Also tell them not to damage the ears (some slaughter-houses think they have to suspend the hog by grabbing them with some sort of hanging device around the base of the ears, but we have found that they can do this without harming the ears.) Place a fine steel grate (or fine wire mesh) on the bricks in the bottom of the pit. 11. He will probably need to be turned over on his back between 8 A.M. and 1O A.M. on Saturday at that “moment-of-perfection,” and I don’t know how to describe to you what that “moment-of-perfection” is, so just turn him at 9:41 A.M. on Saturday. Derrick Riches is a grilling and barbecue expert. When the hog is done (by definition he is done at 5 P.M., and at this time he will bite the Apple in two) pick him up by using the rods or sucker rod grate and move him to a place in the food line on the saw horses. Jack talks about the 5 tastes and Hoof to Head (Hog) and at about 2 min mark tells how you know when a hog is done.

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