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In general, surgical techs who are certified by one of the known certifying organizations are more attractive to employers and may experience several career benefits. Study materials are available through the NHA. If you’re interested in getting started as soon as possible, diploma and certificate programs can usually be completed in one year or less. If none of that discourages you, keep in mind that this is a skilled profession that requires education and training. There are both pros and cons to pursuing a career as a surgical technologist. Part of your education needs to include hands-on experience in a supervised clinical environment. To renew your certification, you’ll need to … Of these, 150 are scored, with 25 unscored questions distributed randomly through the test. The Surgical Technology Program features the only associate degree in surgical technology available in Southern Nevada. Attending an accredited school is assurance that the program you’ve chosen meets the highest standards for the profession. Achieving certified status by passing the CST exam is required by some states for employment. Students who complete this training are well-prepared to take the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) Certified Surgical Technologist examination. Surgical Tech Certification. You may be involved in getting patients ready to go to their procedure, bringing them to the operating room and positioning them on the operating table. Surgical technologist demonstrating proper precautionary raised idle hand position A surgical technologist, also called a scrub, scrub tech, surgical technician, or operating room technician, is an allied health professional working as a part of the team delivering surgical care. Employers require surgical technicians to receive training resulting in a certificate, diploma or an associate degree in surgical technology. Learn More About The Surgical Technologist Program “The best part of the program was how qualified the instructors are. If you fail your exam on the first try, you can apply to retake the test immediately. Certified individuals can be safely assumed to understand a wide range of surgical procedures, aseptic techniques and patient care. During the procedure, your duties may include passing equipment to surgeons and other members of the surgical team, holding tools or organs in place or setting up robotic equipment. Once you’ve graduated from an accredited program and are ready to take the test, you’ll need to allow up to six weeks for your application to be processed through the NBSTSA. National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assistants, pros and cons to pursuing a career as a surgical technologist, How to Become a Certified Surgical Technologist, Pros and Cons of a Career in Surgical Technology. Earning a surgical tech certification is a 2-step process: Successfully complete an accredited surgical technician program Take and pass the Certified Surgical Technologist exam Some states are now requiring surgical technologists to earn their certification before becoming eligible for employment. The pay for surgical technologists can range from approximately $33,420 to $71,400 per year. Certification as a Surgical Technologist or Surgical First Assistant demonstrates that the individual meets the national standard for knowledge that underlies surgical … You’ll keep close watch on supplies to make sure everything is accounted for and nothing is inadvertently left inside a patient. Certain other qualities can be beneficial for a career in the field of surgical technology. Becoming a surgical tech isn’t for everyone. This certification highlights expertise in areas such as pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care, as well as other skill areas and medical knowledge. Whenever an operation is performed, it requires a team of specialized healthcare workers, which includes surgeons, registered nurses, surgical technologists and other medical specialists. Graduates of this accredited program are eligible to test for certified surgical technologist credentials. A practice exam is available to help you know what you should focus on when you study. Once you’ve become a certified surgical technologist, you’re certified for two years and will need to renew your certification before it expires. Have valid and current national certification as a surgical technologist through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) Complete a post-secondary educational program in surgical technology accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) You’ll need to be a person who pays close attention to detail, because it’s important to be sure you always hand the right equipment to surgeons and that you follow proper sterilization procedures. The Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) certification is available for professionals who seek to demonstrate expertise in aseptic technique, patient care, and surgical procedures. The exam has 175 questions. But your duties don’t end after an operation is complete. After you’ve gained experience as a surgical technologist, you may wish to pursue further education to become a surgical assistant. You’ll need to answer at least 102 of the 150 scored questions correctly to earn your certification. You’ll never be bored since each day will be different than the one before. If you don’t complete the required CE credits, you may also retake the certification exam to renew your certification. This kind of license provides future surgical technologists the chance to express their clinical skills and educational background. Is On-the-Job Training an Option? Students receive instruction, laboratory practice and clinical rotations that prepare them to enter the workforce as surgical technologists. A surgical technologist, also called an operating room technician or a surgical tech, plays a very important role in the operating room. You’ll also need critical thinking skills. Some may find it hard to stand on their feet all day, while others find out that the sight and smell of bodily fluids is more difficult to be around than they’d expected. Not all surgical technologist programs are eligible for federal financial aid. The most well-known surgical tech certification credentials are described below. It’s a fulfilling and meaningful career with a good salary, making it a great choice for anyone who is fascinated by the operating room. For more information on surgical tech certification, visit the websites of the certifying organizations below: © print(Date("Y")); ?> EduSearch Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy | Clients | Affiliates, Surgical Technician Schools, Certification & Careers.

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