trees that grow in colorado

This is a beautiful small native tree with glossy, cherry-brown bark dotted with white lenticels. The light green foliage turns yellow in the fall. Will not self-seed. It can be used as a medium screen, or as a formal specimen. Employment | Moderate water needs, full to part sun. The large leaves and showy late blooms make this a distinctive shade tree. Native plant gardens are wildlife habitats and each plant contributes to the biodiversity of the state. Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm Please use our website feedback form. Understand Your Colorado Growing Season. OAK, NORTHERN PIN (Quercus ellipsoidalis)Ht 50-70 ft, Spd 30-40 ft. Full sun to part shade, low to moderate water needs. MAPLE, HEDGE (Acer campestre) Ht 25-30 ft, Spd 25-30 ft. Full sun, low to moderate water needs. Slower growing juniper with a narrow columnar habit that keeps its shape without pruning. Most of the trees listed in Table 1 are available as container-grown plants. Good sour cherry varieties include Montmorency, Early Richmond, Hansen bush cherry, Nanking, Meteor and Montmore. This is a selection of the Japanese Lilac tree that flowers at a younger age, but a more compact form. The leaves are deep green above and light blue-green beneath, and have a brownish fall color. A sport from ‘Dolgo’ with medium green foliage and yellow bark color, ‘Spring Snow’s’ main claim is that it bears no fruit. Silver maples are soft wooded and break easily in storms. The needles are stiff blue-green 1½”-3” long, and contrast nicely with the gray to reddish-brown cones. The Blue Spruce reaches heights of 25-98 feet. More blue in light shade. Tolerant of alkaline soils. LILAC TREE, JAPANESE (Syringa reticulata) Ht 20-30 ft, Spd 15-20 ft. Full sun, low to moderate water needs. Can be grown as a multi-stem or a single stem small tree. Compact habit with dense branching and strong terminal leader. OHIO BUCKEYE (Aesculus glabra) Ht 30-50 ft, Spd 20-30 ft. Full sun, low to moderate water needs. It is dominated by grasslands and streamside cottonwoods. The young English Oak will start out in a pyramidal form, but mature as a large, massive, round-topped tree. CRAB, ROYAL RAINDROPS (Malus ‘JFS-WK5’ (PP 14375)) Ht 20-25 ft, Spd 15-20 ft. Tolerates full sun, low to moderate water needs. “The tree that gets planted and dies in a year — that’s not good for anyone.” May sucker. A selection with an upright oval form and dark glossy green foliage. Russian Sage. ELM, DISCOVERY (Ulmus davidiana ‘Discovery’) Ht 40 ft, Spd: 30 ft. Tolerates full sun, low to moderate water needs. As the plant matures, needles drop from lower branches exposing a gray bark. Small tree or large shrub, with five-lobed dark green leaves turning shades of yellow, orange or red in the fall. Foliage emerges a bright gold and fades to lime green as it matures making this a distinctly different tree. Fast growing oval headed tree that spreads with maturity. Remarkable clusters of crimson flowers with a white star in the center are surrounded by glossy green leaves. PINE, MUGO (Pinus mugo ‘Mughus’) Ht 15-25 ft, Spd 20-25 ft. Tolerates full sun, low water needs(xeric). HAWTHORN, WASHINGTON (Crataegus phaenopyrum) Ht 15-25 ft, Spd 12-20 ft. Full sun, low to moderate water needs. When correctly sited, they can be ideal plants for a sustainable landscape that requires reduced external inputs such as watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Try this unique new crabapple with an upright spreading habit and beautiful reddish-purple, cutleaf foliage. HONEYLOCUST, SKYLINE SEEDLESS (Gleditsia triacanthos inermis ‘Skycole’) Ht 45-50 ft, Spd 35-40 ft. Full sun to part shade, low water needs (xeric). Leaves are bronze-green with good fall color. The birds love this tree. Fragrant white flowers in late June followed by seed pods. An outstanding slow-growing Rocky Mountain native. COTTONWOOD, NOR’EASTER COTTONLESS (Populus x canadensis ‘Noreaster’) Ht 50-75 ft, Spd 40-45 ft. Full sun to part shade, moderate water needs.

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