dioscorea polystachya nutrition

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Diosgenin may activate estrogen receptors and increase estrogen production. Dioscorea polystachya is a short-day crop and likes a warm environment. Dioscorea polystachya (Chinese Yam, Cinnamon Vine, Ubi Keladi in Malay) Chinese Yam or Cinnamon Vine produces edible tubers which can measure up to 1 m long and weigh up to 2.5 kilograms. Jasmine received her BS from McGill University and her BEd from Vancouver Island University. It was introduced from Asia for ornamental, food, and medicinal purposes and escaped cultivation in the mid-1990s. Chinese agriculture is at high risk of heavy metal pollution with chromium, nickel, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. Bulletin de la Société Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou.Moscow 10(7):158. Chinese yam, cinnamon vine Synonyms. Weed Seed - Chinese Yam (Dioscorea polystachya) Chinese yam is native to eastern Asia, where it is cultivated for its edible roots or tubers and used in traditional Chinese medicine. The roots of Chinese yam contain diosgenin, which can be used to produce steroids such as estrogen and progesterone in a lab. Although both synthetic and bioidentical hormones are therapeutic options that aim to compensate for the drop in sex hormones, neither is ideal [28]. The tubers are edible and usually cooked. Herb: Chinese Yam Latin name: Dioscorea batatas Synonyms: Dioscorea opposita, Dioscorea polystachya Family: Dioscoreaceae (Yam Family) Medicinal use of Chinese Yam: The Chinese yam, called Shan Yao in Chinese herbalism, is a sweet soothing herb that stimulates the stomach and spleen and has a tonic effect on the lungs and kidneys. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. It invades open to shady areas in the Eastern United States. This marvelous tree dates back to 250 million year old. Chinese yam contains other active compounds like allantoin, an antioxidant that promotes wound healing, and several antioxidant flavonoids and phenolics [12, 26]. People in China eat the roots as a mild tonic food, along with other yams. Yam, any of several plant species of the genus Dioscorea, grown for their edible tubers. Chinese yam contains multiple compounds that can mimic female sex hormones. You must consult your doctor before acting on any content on this website, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. The research on Chinese yam suffers from considerable confusion about its proper scientific name. Dioscorea spp. In lab settings, it also activated the enzyme aromatase, which makes estrogen. Dioscorea polystachya is native to China and wasoriginally introduced into North America as an ornamental vine, as food, and for medicinal purposes. You can chop up the roots and stir-fry or saute with your spices of choice in just a couple of minutes. Some of the polysaccharides from Chinese yam reduce blood sugar, while others are strong antioxidants. Yams are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in many temperate and tropical regions, especially in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania. By Mangy White Bushman. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In its natural form, Chinese yam can be eaten: Chinese yam is also administered in creams and gels that can be applied directly to your skin. From the chem lab to the classroom, everyone has the right to learn and make informed decisions about their health. The study concludes that Chinese yam contains trace amounts of zinc, manganese, iron, copper, and selenium, and that taking it as a daily supplement is beneficial as an antioxidant.

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