kde disable compositing shortcut

Back in the days I chose to use KDE 3.x instead of Gnome because whenever I wanted to tweak my desktop there was an option in the GUI to do it instead of having to change an obscure option in an obscure configuration file located in an obscure location (or in the obscure gconf-editor; someone will create a kconf-editor if options keep disappearing from the GUI ;-). backbuffering was designed for low memory chips) “Please turn compositing down (implementation is vague here, but I guess you could swap to XRender, or turn off heavy postprocessing such as blur and the like). My GPU is also a few years old already. KDE is an open community of friendly people who want to create a world in which everyone has control over their digital life and enjoys freedom and privacy. So is this sort of an API that applications can use or is it a kwin only “feature” ? You can now use tab to swit… both at the same time requires two instances of kwin, ie. I hope it will be possible to nail the state of compositing state regardless of the applications’ wishes. @taramnz – i do not know where you live, so i do unfortunately not have a commercial link, but you desperately want this: Well, Firefox itself doesn’t. “Please unredirect me” kde/linux sux…”)? I personally doubt that turning compositing off will save battery, but will cause a further drain. You can then move the item with your arrow keys.Keyframes can also be moved individually. We continuously work on improving the software included in our KDE Application series, and we hope you will find all the new enhancements and bug fixes useful! If you want to investigate what is causing wakeups and if we can reduce them this is highly welcome. to 3: normal users don’t use remote desktops. Also I don’t see how with a ClientMessage it could survive a restart of the compositor or getting a nice overview of what windows currently block compositing. The rules however allow you to downforce the flag and ideally there will be a way to configure the blocking related to fullscreen windows (ie. So we give for the unexperienced users the overall best choice but keep the ability to control every aspect for the advanced users. This way everyone is happy, even if drivers are the best in the world and the software workd good everywhere, there will be people that will prefer a few less fps for being able to press alt tab to the desktop from a game and have a compositing desktop to chat with game companions for example. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alprazolam This is what Thomas has been working on lately. 1. First of all we would need to know if turning compositing off helps. Screen freezes, kwin_x11 takes up 100% of one cpu core and becomes "unkillable" (except with -9). If you’ll keep the API, and also the shortcut (ctrl-alt-f12), then why remove the configuration option? In the Configure Shortcuts window, you will see a list of all the shortcuts available in the current application. So for me, and some other dual monitor setups it effectly means no compositing if my fullscreen app says: no compositing What, however, does affect performance on my system is GPU-accelerated HD video decoding along with compositing. Click "More Actions" Configure Special Application Settings. On Windows keyboards, this is usually Windows key with a Windows logo. When compositing is turned off, Plasma starts to change the backgrounds of all SVGs causing in the worst case a re-rendering of all of them. I think years, so manually disabling should definitely don’t die, maybe it’s use could be minimized with that wine patch and making compositing off default for (fullscreen) games in kickoff. I personally doubt that turning compositing off will save battery, but will cause a further drain. If you notice tearing while playing video, check about:support and Ctrl+F to search for HW_COMPOSITING. Probably compositing related (happens mostly but not exclusively when I switch desktops). Martin, big respect for you staying so calm – I really feel sorry for what some people state here… And believe me, many many people (including me) really apreciate what you and others are doing!

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